Whilst recruiting in the UK over a 10 year span, we built up a fantastic database of candidates who always turned to us when looking for a new role. At Benjamin Douglas we like to get out and meet everyone we place. We are not just another voice on the phone. One of our long term contractors worked with us for over 2 years.

He eventually took a full time role with another client. When he was looking to build a team he called upon us, a trusted advisor, to support his growing teams’ needs and we placed over 20 people with his new company. It’s quite fulfilling when you’re candidates trust you enough to become your clients.

Support Services Provided to Our Candidates Include:

  • Analysis to provide a true picture of working conditions and market conditions
  • Role research to match your specific requirements
  • Advice creating and tailoring a resume for targeted positions or opportunities
  • Resume Building
  • Advice on pay rates
  • Interview techniques
  • Interactive interview practice and coaching
  • Help with legislative, financial and logistical issues
  • ‘Walking Deck’ creation
  • A commitment to an on-going relationship with us once we’ve placed you. We’re there to help your career progress